Fleet Management System

● Product Overview 

Fleet Management System (FMS) is a kind of intelligent data management application platform, based on Internet of Things (IoT). It is used for data collection, storage and remote monitoring of fleet equipment and operational data. The system is based on expert management system which provides data intelligent analysis and decision execution to either a ship alone or the whole fleet, so as to improve efficiency of equipment management and vessel operation.

1. Intelligent switch between satellite communication and 4G/5G communication to effectively reduce data transmission cost and ensure maximum efficiency;
2. Multiple-user management and customized functionalities encourage targeted pertinence with high efficiency and convenience;
3. Real-time message queues enable the smooth flow of information between vessels and between vessel and shore;
4. Intelligent analysis, smart decision-making and remote assistance ensures that every problem can be solved in a timely manner;
5. Fixed and mobile workstations promote access anytime and anywhere.

● The App sample:

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