SIBO Group consists of the mother company and four affiliate companies - Shanghai SIBO Automation Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu SIBO Electric Co., Ltd.  , Shanghai Noris-SIBO Automation Co., Ltd. and GRAW MET System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The mother company was established in 1992. Since then, the firm mainly involves itself in designing and manufacturing automation systems for ships and has provided products and services for over 2,000 vessels either domestic or international, which has built a good image and enjoyed an excellent reputation among our clients.

In 2004, Shanghai Noris-SIBO Automation Co.,Ltd. was established as a joint venture by SIBO Group and Noris Group from Germany. The main products of this joint venture include engine room monitoring and alarm control system, main engine remote control system, all kinds of instruments and sensors from German Noris and engine room intergrated control consles, bridge control consoles and switch boards from Shanghai SIBO. In high-speed railway industry, Noris-SIBO supplies special temperature and speed sensors and provides technical support.

In 2009, SIBO invested to establish Jiangsu SIBO Electronics Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai SIBO Automation Co.,Ltd. to meet the needs of its business’s growth and expansion.

Jiangsu SIBO Electronics Co.,Ltd. (SIBO Electronics), taking over 100 acres, is housed in a modern industrial plant, at Dafeng, Changzhou Jiangsu. Its main business is to design and manufacture marine switchboards, aiming to gradually become the central base of production and assembly for all SIBO products.

Shanghai SIBO Automation Co.,Ltd. (SIBO Automation) takes over the existent business from Shanghai SIBO Monitor Technique Engineering Co. Ltd. (SIBO), together with its human resources, managerial systems and core technologies. Intended to function as a center of new and high technology research and development, system integration and a global service provider, SIBO Automation mainly involves itself in designing and manufacturing automatic equipments for shipping, aiming to gradually become the R&D and Sales center of SIBO products.

The main products of Shanghai SIBO Automation Co. Ltd. comprise micro-computer monitoring and alarm systems, main engine remote control systems, a main engine safety system, engine local monitoring cabinets, a main engine RPM meter, a shipping telegraph system, a shipping telegraph recording system, engine control consoles, navigation/signal lighting controllers, foghorn controllers, an integrated engineers calling system, dredger control systems, and etc., which have been classified by classification societies such as CCS, ABS, BV, KR and so on.

Our firm has set up a high-standard domestic team for customer service which is newly expanded to Singapore to meets the needs of our clients both international and home-based.

In 2013, SIBO Group spins to set up GRAW MET Systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. to provide specialized service to customers in meteorological area.

With its advanced technology, quality products and excellent customer services, SIBO Automation makes every endeavor to serve its clients at a reasonable cost.