Integrated Alarm Monitoring Control System

● Product Overview 

SB-2001 Integrated Alarm Monitoring Control System is mainly used in the engine room to measure, calculate, display(in graphics),detect and track thermotechnical parameters, such as power sets, ballast water, gauge level and of the power plant.

The main computer of our system to control the process is an industry mainstream computer, whose software, programmed in VC++, runs under Microsoft Windows 10. Our system is highly effective, efficient and reliable in detecting and alarming, which fully satisfies the requirements of an unmanned engine room. The substation makes use of the specialized micro-system with its software written in the assembly language.

The main station communicates with all substations through a field bus.

Our system is flexible in adaptation and extension. It can be effortlessly connected to the LAN network of a vessel management system. Users, regardless of their professional knowledge of specific instruments, find our system easy to operate, thanks to the rich design of its display interface and the ease of its maneuver by the all-in-one track ball.

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