Level Remote Control System & Valve Remote Control System

● Product Overview 

SB-LV Level Remote Control System

We usually use the artificial scale to measure the gauge level state of the ship’s oil and water tank, but it is primitive, time-consuming and extremely rough of the measurement value, especially in the situation of adding oil or water, due to that the pump inlet fluid volume is fast but the manual measurement is so slow. Overflow often happens. More importantly, it is hard for the conductor to get a correct understanding of the ship’s oil and water reserves as well. With technical advance, the gauge level remote control system is created. This system uses the host computer configuration monitoring software for datas and signals collection. It has advanced and reliable performance, visual display, simple operation which flags a new chapter of the ship monitoring automation.

SB-RCV-I Valve Remote Control System

The valve remote control system is a very important system on the ship. It is generally used in the ballast system and the transport system. It can control the opening and closing of the valve in the control room, which the crew can easily arrange the ballast water and fuel, obtain the desired state of the ship's draft to meet various requirements of working conditions of the ship. This system is the economic artery especially in the cargo oil system of tankers. It is important to have a safe and reliable valve remote control system for cargo oil’s loading and unloading.

The valve remote control system has also solved the problem that the crew can operate the valve or valve remote operation workload, without access to those places. Valve remote control system greatly reduces the crew’s work intensity and risks and thus further ensures the safety of the crew, which benefits ship navigation.