SK510 ME Remote Control System

● Product Overview

SK510 main propulsion remote control system is of modular structure. The remote control system is modular composition which can be designed depending on actual demands of customers. The communication between each module is through redundancy CAN - BUS field bus.

① SK510-AD is suitable for the main propulsion machinery remote control system of the full rotary propeller, including bridge control, local control, backup control, etc.

② SK510-CPP is suitable for the main propulsion machinery remote control system of controllable pitch propeller,including bridge control, wing control, ECR control, local control, bridge backup control , ECR backup control, etc.

③ SK510-D-I is suitable for low or medium speed main propulsion unit of reversible fixed pitch propeller. It can be used to direct start main diesel engine remotely, reverse and speed in the bridge or ECR.

④ SK510-I is suitable for the unidirectional medium-speed machine with reversing clutch gearbox of main propulsion. It can be used to remote control the main diesel engine speed, and its engaging, disengaging or reversing of the gearbox in the bridge or ECR. 

The design of this system and available environment condition is in accordance with the requirements of main classification societies.

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