Integrated Dredging Control System

● Product Overview

SB-WCX-III Integrated Dredging Control System consists of hardwares such as computers, PLC, actuators, ethernet, field bus networks, switches, sensors, conversion devices and various control consoles and/or cabinets.

The system is composed of several independent monitoring or operative sub-systems,such as an integrated dredging control system,a dredging orientation system,an engine monitoring and alarm system,a video monitoring system,a computer LAN network and so on.

The system combines all sub-systems to work organically by communicating and cooperating with each other,which further enhances the integral performance of the whole system.Meanwhile,from the view of hardware and functions,every sub-system is relatively independent from each other,which realizes the wisdom of divide-and-conquer’with grouped maneuvering control.The system is suitable to monitor and control a cutter suction dredger or a drag suction dredger.

● Topological Graph